Mich Dirt was created in 2012 the journey began with tie-dye and heat transfer decals. The road was wild having booths at various music festivals in Alberta, the soul of Mich Dirt was created with good music, just a splash of Malibu and amazing surroundings of festival vibes. Although still experimenting with tie dye a new evolution of this brand is patches. Patches bring a 70's & 80's feel on current lifestyle wear. About 80% of Mich Dirt apparel is gender neutral so anything you are drawn to on this site was curated just for you gender "norms" need not apply here you love it you wear it!  

The direction of Mich Dirt is evolving in the way of using apparel from companies that have eco process. Please check out Bell+Canvas & Alternative Clothing as many of the Mich Dirt logos are placed on these companies apparel. They have recycle process, reusable energy and  zero waste policies that really make you feel good about what you wear and where is came from. 

Fast fashion is everywhere and Mich Dirt is mandating not to support any fast fashion products or process, making well informed fashion choice ensures quality and transparency. These choices make you feel good as a consumer and makes the world a better place.